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Desert Fire Products...(affordable shooting range gear).

This page will show the products that we manufacture. Please join our mailing list and we will mail you when we add other products...(gongs and reactive targets soon)...

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Pistol only rest. All metal construction but lightweight. Made of 1"x1" square tubing. Adjustable. Painted in  "Semi-Gloss" black.




Long Gun only rest. Will also accommodate semi-autos (long mags). Fully adjustable for uneven surfaces. All metal construction. Barrel and stock cradles plastic covered for firearm protection. Pistol adaptor available ($12.95).


new product

New Product~~~SATSS-1


SATSS (Speed and Accuracy Tactical Shooting Stand). The stand has eight positions for shooting. As you hit the target, it swings to the next lower position on the opposite side of the stand. You can add an optional target(second position) for a total of 15 shots. Click here for pics of the stand in shooting order. The targets are 7" round 3/8" thick. Will handle .38 special(+P ok) 9mm-38 super-357 sig-40s/w-44 special-45acp. NOT FOR MAGS(357-41-44 etc).

Info and options.

 All rests are made of 1x1 square tubing. All corners and edges finished smooth. The barrel and stock cradles are covered in clear plastic tubing to eliminate the possibilities of scratching. The cradles are adjustable with quick lock stops. The rest can also be used for cleaning your gun. Also working on your gun is a breeze (just reverse the cradles, barrel to stock and stock to barrel position and flip the gun upside down). The main frame (long gun) is adjustable at the three points to level for uneven surfaces. Our Pistol Only rest is a total departure from the normal design. It is reversed and is elevation adjustable at the frame. The barrel cradle is adjustable as well with the same quick lock system the long gun rest has. The spine and feet are rubber coated for non-slip.  All rests are painted in a Low Gloss black. We offer an adaptor (PDAPT-1) for the long gun rest so you can also use it for pistol shooting ($12.95). We now offer the SATSS (Speed and Accuracy Tactical Shooting Stand). Other then improving your accuracy, this thing is a heck of a lot of fun. It has eight shooting positions, and for a really wild ride add a second target($65.00) for 15 shots. Setup two stands and have a timed contest (the slower shooter gets to reset all the targets). Coming soon. Reactive targets for .22 shooters. Single and Double "Big Bore" steel targets, racks and more. Sign up on our mailing list so we can let you know about "New Products".  For more information contact us by phone or e-mail.

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